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Mental Health Matters- Become a Champion Organization

The second iteration of the Mental Health Matters Awareness Campaign, “Mental Health Matters,” officially launched in late November 2022! The campaign seeks to normalize and destigmatize mental health and improve access and connection to mental health supports in Long Beach.

Part of this launch includes the updated Mental Health Matters website, which offers education and resources for community members across Long Beach. The website includes a Mental Health Toolkit with information on how mental health may look in our own lives, available resources, where to access support in Long Beach and how to check in with a loved one who may be struggling. Thank you, PIO team, for your help with this project!

The website is also here to support you, your work, and the community members you work with. It elaborates on mental health and stigma, the various types of mental health support, how to prepare for finding support, and resources in the Long Beach community. In particular, the Mental Health Toolkit outlines information on how to check-in with yourself, your colleagues, friends and family, and community members who may be navigating a challenging time.

The campaign also features the opportunity to take a pledge to be a Mental Health Champion. By identifying champions throughout Long Beach, we hope to highlight and uplift the various ways that community members, institutions for learning, businesses and organizations are actively creating a Long Beach where Mental Health Matters. Those who take the pledge will receive window-clings and flyers to proudly display to help community members identify spaces around Long Beach that are actively creating safe and responsive environments for mental health. We invite you to take the pledge today!

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